Kitchener Comic Con 2020 - $5 Tier 1 Fan Supporter




Kitchener Comic Con 2020 - Tier 1 Supporter

Greetings True Believers! 

The fans have spoken, and we have heard them! 

With Kitchener Comic Con Issue #6 set to make history, there are so many people that want to take home a part of it, but simply can't attend - we heard you. 

So we have come up with a way to take home a piece of #KCC62020, and #BeLegendary by supporting the convention in a HEROIC way, and taking home some really neat things in the process! 


Q: For five dollers... WHAT DO I GET ?? 

> A: That is a very good question and with that in mind...We will send you a Thank You! Card, signed by a very special guest who has been ALL over our conventions!
Please note with your generosity, we can bring in bigger name guess and showcase cooler events in making Kitchener Comic Con a better event for everybody!

And with that here are some other things to note:

1) Our  TWO-day Convention will be held at Kitchener City Hall and running from FEBRUARY 29th 2020 at 10 am to 8 pm. and on the Sunday MARCH 1st 2020 from 11am to 5 pm


2) To see more information on our other 2020 Tier  promotion's, just click to link:

3) Please stay tuned to our social media platforms as updates become available!

Lastly, if you're on Facebook, we hope that you can join our very cool Facebook invite page at: Just to  get you in the fun of things fir our #KCC62020 event !

We do appreciate your patronage!


= The KCC 2020 Team.

**please note that all sales are final, and our event are scheduled to change.


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